BluVault + Leading Digital Media Company

How a digital media company improved data security through automated backups and centralized management using BluVault

About the customer

The customer happens to be a leading digital media company with global presence, that specializes in the creation and distribution of content on digital platforms. It is the creator of a highly popular YouTube kids’ channel, which ranks as one of the largest, most trusted, and most engaging brands for children. The firm also has a dominant presence as a content creator for the Food & Beverage industry.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Media & Entertainment
  • Location: United States
  • Parablu Product Used: BluVault



The challenges

  • Absence of a centralized backup mechanism
  • Save on storage costs
  • Smooth monitoring

The Benefits

  • Automatic and reliable data backup process
  • Centralized management and monitoring 
  • Cost-effective
  • Protection from ransomware and insider threats
  • Assured data privacy
  • Top-class customer support
“We selected Parablu’s BluVault because it offers us the major benefit of being able to utilize our existing data backup storage. We feel that we’ve adopted a solution that is not only robust, but also cost-effective. We now know that we have a data security and backup strategy that will help us provide our clients world-class service.”

– IT Team Member, 
Global leading digital media company

The challenge

1.Absence of a centralized backup mechanism

The company’s original data backup process was decentralized and largely dependent on manual intervention. Running unsupervised, unscheduled data backups without any form of centralized administration meant that they were unable to get visibility and clarity over backup status and coverage. They needed a nimble data backup solution that could give them higher visibility and help them lower the risk of data loss.

2. Save on storage costs

The business was experiencing unprecedented growth in their operations – and consequently, a tremendous increase in the volume of business data. They sought to take advantage of their existing cloud storage, AWS S3 by using it as a secure data backup repository.

3. Smooth monitoring

The company also realized the need for a centralized data management approach to effectively monitor their backup and restore activities. They strongly believed that if their IT teams were equipped with reliable

monitoring capabilities, they could provide predictable data backups and high-fidelity restores.


After thoroughly analyzing the challenges that the IT team highlighted, Parablu recommended that they use BluVault for Endpoint Backups. The solution would mitigate much of the company’s data security concerns by automating their backup processes, as well as establish a comprehensive monitorin g strategy. Additionally, it would help them leverage their existing AWS S3 object storage allocations for data backup and storage.


1. Automatic and reliable data backup process

 With BluVault, the media firm now has an automated backup process for all business endpoints. This strategy has eliminated the burden on IT teams and end-users who are not reliant anymore on manual backups. Thus, the company is much more assured that their data is secure.

2. Centralized management and monitoring 

The company also benefits from BluVault’s centralized dashboard, which provides detailed activity logs and reports. With its intuitive web-based console, the dashboard allows monitoring and management of backup activity at all locations. The dashboard also offers self-service capabilities for end-users, further decreasing the burden on the IT team for on-demand recovery requests. Also, the IT team can now easily detect anomalies in the data protection process and take quick action when required.

3. Cost-effective 

Since BluVault supports a wide range of backup targets, the firm, was able to use their existing AWS S3 storage as a backup repository without having to spend on additional storage infrastructure. Other features of BluVault, like data compression, delta incremental backups, network bandwidth

throttling, and deduplication helped them to further slash storage and network usage-related expenses.

4. Protection from ransomware and insider threats

BluVault’s automated backup process is designed to ensure robust data security. The built-in schedule-ability and industrial-strength, zero-knowledge encryption ensure that there is a safe copy of data for the customer to rely on. Having a safe, secondary copy of data means that they are able to effectively counter ransomware attackers and malicious insider deletions.

5. Assured data privacy 

BluVault’s security capabilities are further bolstered by Parablu’s Zero-Knowledge-Privacy feature. This ensures that the company is always in control of their backup encryption keys – not Parablu, not Amazon – nobody else. The business can thus be assured that they have sole access to their backed-up data.

6. Top-class customer support

The customer now has access to a responsive, highly dependable, and easily accessible Parablu customer support team, as attested by customers across the globe. 

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