BluVault + Manufacturing Company Case Story

A comprehensive and scalable endpoint data backup solution to support enterprise data growth

About the company

The customer is a multinational tyre manufacturing company owned by a large industrial conglomerate. They are a leading tyre manufacturer with a presence in global markets, and a capacity to produce over more than a million tyres per year. Their tyres are used for passenger cars, two-wheelers, heavy as well as light commercial, and auto-rickshaws to list a few.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: India
  • Parablu Product Used: BluVault – Backup to OneDrive




The Challenges

  • Need for a solution to support significant data growth
  • Defense against ransomware and data loss
  • User experience – both Admin and end-user
  • Extensive setup and cost

Reasons for choosing Parablu

  • Reduced data backup time with automated backups
  • Comprehensive backups to counter possible ransomware attacks
  • No additional investment in backup storage target
  • Quick implementation and easy operations
  • Improved experience for end-users and IT Teams

Benefits of BluVault Backup to OneDrive

Ransomware Defense-01

Protection from Ransomware

Centralized Management-Case Story

Centralized management

Refocus-Case Story-01

Refocus on Core IT

Regulatory Compliance

Extensive feature set

Technical support team focused on customer delight

“We are happy with what Parablu has had to offer. We now have a single solution that backs up all our user data and keeps it safe in cloud storage. The option to use OneDrive was one of the best features Parablu offered us; it has streamlined the complete data backup process and we didn’t have to invest anything in additional storage. Highly recommended.”

– Senior Manager – IT, A Large Tyre Manufacturing Company in India

About the company

The customer is a multinational tyre manufacturing company owned by a large industrial conglomerate. They are a leading tyre manufacturer with a presence in global markets, and a capacity to produce over more than a million tyres per year. Their tyres are used for passenger cars, two-wheelers, heavy as well as light commercial, and auto-rickshaws to list a few. 

The challenge

1. Need for a solution to support significant data growth
With multiple operational locations, this tyre manufacturing company was witnessing tremendous growth in business transactions and data. They were concerned that the existing approach of performing endpoint data backups to local on-premise storage would not be effective and efficient enough to offer the needed protection. They realized that they needed a much more scalable approach to ensure data protection on business laptops and desktops, and keep pace with the rate at which the organization was generating data.

2. Defense against ransomware and data loss
With growing incidents of ransomware attacks, the customer understood the urgent need to implement a solution that could provide ransomware protection by ensuring clean copies of their business data to restore in the event of an attack. Particularly for high-profile data in the hands of their high-value users. They were considering an agile and flexible backup solution that could also handle granular recovery operations.
3. User experience – both Admin and end-user
This manufacturing company’s existing backup setup which used local on-premise storage required a great deal of manual interaction by both end-users as well as the IT team. Backup failures due to manual errors or negligence made managing backups time-consuming for IT teams, negatively affected data availability for the end-users, and above all, made data backups/restorations inefficient. They realized that automation was what they needed to reduce workload for IT teams and let them focus on other key priorities. They also deduced that with a centrally administered backup solution in place, the mobile or remote workforce could be empowered to different degrees in terms of how much their backup and restore operations would be centrally managed.

4. Extensive setup and cost
Although this company wanted to simplify its backup infrastructure with a new cloud-based backup solution, there were still worries that the new implementation would be accompanied by an extensive infrastructure uplift and additional investment. They were also skeptical about how a new cloud-based infrastructure would work with their existing legacy systems, not to mention uncertainties during implementation and unforeseen costs.

Reason for choosing us

1. Reduced data backup time with automated backups
After the initial evaluation and comparison with similar, available solutions in the market, this leading tyre manufacturing company chose Parablu’s BluVault. They realized that automated endpoint data backups to their existing, unused OneDrive for Business storage allocations would not only ensure reliable backups from the business laptops and PCs, but it would also reduce the time taken to perform these backups, saving time and effort from both IT team as well as the end-users. They also satisfied themselves that this setup using BluVault was scalable enough to keep pace with the growth of data they had estimated across their operational locations.

2. Comprehensive backups to counter possible ransomware attacks
With BluVault, the manufacturing company saw the possibility of displacing their legacy endpoint data backup and storage setup with a modern, policy-defined backup/recovery solution that offered greater resiliency across sites/locations and data loss threats – especially ransomware. The idea of automated and encrypted backups to OneDrive brought confidence to the customer’s team, that copies of their critical data living on the end-users’ endpoints would be securely stored for easy recoveries/restores and would minimize any business disruption in case of ransomware attacks.

BluVault came with industrial-strength encryption and the backed-up data stayed encrypted at all times – both in transit and rest. Additionally, BluVault’s Zero-Knowledge Privacy assured them that the company stayed in control of the encryption keys at all times. This ensured that their crucial and sensitive business data was secure from possible cyber threats and ransomware too.

3. No additional investment in backup storage target
BluVault allowed the customer to implement a backup process that permitted them to leverage their existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions and utilize unused space in each end-user’s OneDrive for Business storage allocations as a secure storage target. This meant that there was no need for extra investment in storage.
4. Quick implementation and easy operations
BluVault offered a unique deployment strategy that enabled the company to use a hybrid model for their backup needs. The arrangement allowed for a local backup server. but use their Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts as the eventual backup target.   This model ensured them of fast LAN-based backups during the day, with the option to move the backed-up data to OneDrive during off-hours (i.e. at night).  The solution from Parablu proved nimble, sustainable, scalable, and easy to deploy.  The customer’s IT team could roll it out to all employees without worrying about prerequisites and compatibility concerns.
5. Improved experience for end-users and IT Teams
With an automated and secure backup in place, the IT team and the end-users were freed from constant worries about the safety of data on their endpoints.

For IT teams, the automated data backups came with the capability of managing and monitoring backup activities from a centralized console. They now had the power to create customized backup policies for different sets of users and apply them remotely to endpoints across different locations. Consistent backups running using centrally managed backup policies and readily available reports and audit trails meant assured data protection with no security gaps.

As for end-users, they had ready access to Parablu’s self-service portal, to not just initiate backups but also view/restore backed-up files and folders. They could browse for their backed-up data anytime, anywhere, and restore it without requiring support from their IT team.

BluVault’s data and storage agnostic backup meant there were no restrictions on file types, file sizes, and file names – no compromises period.

The Parablu Fix

Parablu worked with the customer’s team and recommended Bluvault for Endpoints. As noted earlier, the setup was a hybrid model that included a local server to deploy BluVault as a quick and immediate backup destination, with Microsoft OneDrive for Business configured as the eventual storage target.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, BluVault for Endpoints offered the tyre manufacturer the following benefits:

1. Protection from Ransomware
Parablu’s backups ensured a clean copy of data to recover from in the event of an attack. BluVault’s ability to dial back in time and perform point-in-time restores meant that data could be retrieved from the past – kind of like going back in a time machine. In the event of a ransomware attack, BluVault allows administrators to simply ‘dial back’ to a point in time before the attack and trigger a full restore of all data on a device.
2. Centralized management
The customer now has a single, reliable solution that reduced IT team involvement. A simple policy-based backup mechanism was set up to effectively manage the distributed workforce across different operational locations. A single pane of glass for IT admins to manage backup, recovery, reporting, and auditing.
3. Refocus on Core IT
With BluVault successfully deployed across identified endpoints and automatic backups enabled, the IT team was able to refocus their efforts on new IT initiatives rather than constantly tinkering with and troubleshooting an unstable backup process.
4. Regulatory compliance
For the manufacturing company, BluVault for Endpoints ensured that the backed-up data in OneDrive for Business is encrypted, immutable, and available for immediate recovery whenever required. They are now on a reliable and defensible platform from a legal and regulatory compliance standpoint. They maintain a time-stamped audit trail of all actions performed on all registered endpoints as well as all backup & restore activities. Flexible data retention for regulatory purposes and placing files and folders on Litigation/Legal Hold have all become possible to do now.
4. Extensive feature set
Their IT team utilized an array of BluVault features to make the newly implemented backup process seamless and efficient. The option to create email alerts lets them have reports sent predictably and reliably right into administrator mailboxes. They could control when backups ran on different devices using the flexible backup scheduling feature. Backing up remote devices with low network coverage also became easy with the network bandwidth throttling option. And the partial file transfer and variable-length data de-duplication features meant that the customer was benefiting from a granular level of data deduplication which ensured them not only storage savings but also valuable network bandwidth optimization.
5. Outstanding Technical support team focused on customer delight
The customer was also highly complementary of the Parablu tech support team. Responsive support and expert guidance throughout the solution deployment and access to timely, expert assistance from Parablu’s support team post-deployment were key factors in their satisfaction rating.

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