Backup strategy that offered robust data protection

One of India’s fastest-growing business groups achieved a robust data protection strategy with a comprehensive data backup solution from Parablu.

Customer description

The customer is one of India’s fastest-growing business groups with dominant presence in the Infrastructure, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Energy sectors among several others.

The challenge

This industrial and services conglomerate did not have a streamlined backup process in place. They were relying on employees and entrusting them with the responsibility of keeping safe all their critical data on their endpoints. In absence of a robust backup strategy, they were vulnerable to data security risks, and especially so with non-tech employees who were technically less informed on how to ensure protection for their endpoint data.

This customer had a few close calls with data-loss situations and realized the pressing need for a backup solution. During the pandemic, the experienced a sudden increase in the number of ransomware attacks and with only an anti-malware solution forming their security defence, they were recognized their lack of readiness to defend against ransomware in the event of serious attack.

The IT team ran through a thorough analysis of their security defences and realized that they had to proactively strengthen their data protection strategies for employees, especially at top management level and other key stakeholders. High-profile data breaches or any form of data corruption on such endpoints could mean grave business disruption and raise questions around the robustness of their data protection capabilities.

They needed a solution that was not just easy to implement on all enterprise endpoints but also comprehensive enough to help them protect their data against advanced threats and accidental loss.

They needed a solution that was easy to implement on all enterprise endpoints and comprehensive enough to protect data against advanced threats and accidental loss.

Why Parablu?

This business group heard about Parablu through one of their technology partners and decided to do a technical evaluation. During the evaluation, they realized the extensive set of data protection capabilities Parablu offered through its backup solutions – which went above and even well beyond their requirements.

Apart from the core functionality of automated endpoint data backups to the cloud, the customer was sold on Parablu because it offered:

  • a hosted model for data backup that did not require any investment in terms of setting up storage infrastructure and IT support
  • a standardized and nimble backup protection solution that was sustainable, scalable, and could be rolled out to all employees with minimal concerns about prerequisites and compatibility concerns
  • policy-based backups that eliminated several limitations found in traditional backup solutions – like control over file types, sizes, extensions etc.
  • industrial-strength encryption of data both in transit and rest, which ensured that the data is secure from any unauthroized outsiders
  • a “zero-storage-cost” option – that would need no investment on backup storage. Parablu’s unique integration with Microsoft 365 enabled them to utilized unused space in their existing OneDrive for Business user accounts as a secure storage target.

The Parablu Fix – A one-stop solution for all data protection needs

The solution Parablu offered is called BluVault for Endpoints and they found that it satisfied all their data protection needs.

  • To summarize, here are a few important benefits the solution offered:
    Parablu’s fully managed/hosted solution offered as a BaaS (Backup As A Service) allowed them to adopt a secure backup strategy without having to go through the hassle of setting up local on-premise infrastructure
  • It enabled the use of their existing OneDrive for Business accounts as endpoint backup targes which meant zero investment in cloud storage
  • Industrial-strength encryption with a strict enforcement of segregation of duties assured them that their sensitive backup data is safe and secure in the cloud
  • A centralized management console, which equipped the customer to remotely monitor, manage and control all the endpoint backup activity
  • Policy-based backups that could be remotely applied to endpoints – allowing them to set different backup parameters for different groups of users and endpoints across their multiple workplaces
  • BluVault’s data protection capabilities ensured that the data is safe not just from external malicious elements like ransomware, but also from insider threats and unintentional data modification or deletion

What customer says

“Our company was looking for a data protection solution but Parablu through its backup solution offered us more. Now we use their solution to perform daily backups of endpoints and keep our data safe. The best part was that we did not even have to pay for backup storage as we have a setup now that backs up data to our existing OneDrive for Business. It is a win-win situation for us, and we are happy that we chose Parablu.”
IT Team Member, Business Group