Automated data backup saved this customer time and ensured regulatory compliance

A leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) eliminated their manual data backup process with a world-class solution that assured them of complete endpoint data backup and compliance.

Customer description

The customer is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) and a subsidiary of a major Indian bank that offers a wide range of lending services through loans, investments, protection products, and BPO services.

The challenge

As NBFCs have become an integral part of the Indian financial system, there has been constant pressure on these organizations to comply with information security regulations. This NBFC dealt with the financial details of millions of individuals and wanted to ensure that they set up a process that could help them:

  • be compliant and ensure easy availability of information whenever required
  • protect sensitive information while maintaining control over their own data
  • be ready for any unforeseen disaster and recovery prospects

This NBFC was not using any third-party backup solution and had a setup that required manual processes to back up endpoint data to their local storage server. The arrangement was highly suboptimal for several reasons:

  • manual backups were consuming a lot of time and effort of the IT team
  • they were not able to achieve visibility and control over all the end-user backups
  • inconsistent and unreliable backups led to frequent unavailability of the required information
  • lack of encryption of data in transit and/or at rest was particularly troubling and was negatively impacting their regulatory compliance score
  • data retention and recovery was a major concern as the processes involved were highly manual and error-prone.

They needed a quick solution and wanted to implement an endpoint backup solution that would help them automate the backup process, ensure data protection with encryption in place, while still allowing them to use their on-premise storage infrastructure for all their backups – which was important for regulatory compliance.

This NBFC was not using any third-party backup solution and had a setup that required manual processes to back up endpoint data to their local storage server.

Why Parablu?

While looking for a suitable solution, this NBFC explored the backup and data protection capabilities of Parablu’s BluVault. They realized that Parablu would be able to fulfill all their needs with a single off-the-shelf solution. BluVault offered automated endpoint backup with an option to auto-schedule these backup activities on identified systems. They also were convinced by BluVault ability to protect the endpoint data, at rest and in transit, with high-performance encryption, minimizing chances of data alteration, theft, and loss – while still allowing complete visibility and control.  And all these features came with an option that allowed them to use their own on-premise storage infrastructure.

The Parablu Fix – Automated endpoint data backup with on-premise storage infrastructure

The solution that Parablu recommended and offered was BluVault for Endpoints.

The solution allowed them to use on-premise infrastructure with the following features and benefits:

  • Industrial-strength encryption with strict segregation of duties gave them the assurance that their sensitive backup data is safe and secure. This helped them to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • The centralized management console empowered them to monitor, manage and control all endpoints as well as users’ backup activities.
  • Centrally managed policies could be remotely applied, allowing the admins to enable automatic backups of endpoint data. They now could also schedule backup activities on identified users and systems.
  • Automated backups ensured an effective and efficient backup process, and dramatically reduced chances of critical data getting missed.
  • Almost zero manual intervention meant more time for the IT team to focus on critical issues rather than worry about user backups.

What customer says

“The solution that Parablu offered has helped us achieve a very high-efficiency backup process. We couldn’t be more pleased that our critical data is secure and available whenever required”.
IT Team Member, NBFC