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Our customers are our Raison d’etre, the reason we strive to create better products every day and build safer environments for data storage and transfer. One of the approaches that we take to make this work effectively is a process of constant feedback in the form of informal chats with our customers.  And, we often observe that these conversations make for a great story of common data rues and solutions for them; across industries and verticals.  

Here’s presenting Case Stories- a ‘Parablu twist’ on case studies. We believe these carefully curated pieces will make for a great read and hope to usher in many “aha!” moments your way. Go ahead and indulge your reading bug Do let us know how we can answer your questions related to data storage, cloud storage, Office 365, GDPR and anything else up our alley (or yours). We’re always happy to discuss! 

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Improved data backup and recovery efficiency with zero storage cost

How a large industrial conglomerate in India eliminated an inefficient and manual data backup process and moved to a modern cloud-based backup solution without spending a penny extra cloud storage.

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Case Story - Automated data backups with Zero investment in storage - Thumbnail

Automated data backups with Zero investment in storage

Learn how a leading educational institution enabled automated endpoint data backups using BluVault, completely eliminated manual backup practices, reduced dependency on IT support, and met their data protection goals.  And, all of this without spending a penny additional for storage.

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Infographic - BeSpoke BaaS for all the data backup needs

Learn how a leading retail giant in India leveraged the advantages of on-premise as well as SaaS-based backups using Parablu’s hybrid – Bespoke BaaS approach.

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Case story - A hybrid solution for unique endpoint backup needs-min

A hybrid solution for unique endpoint backup needs

How a leading Indian financial service provider’s search for a flexible endpoint backup solution ended with Parablu. They finally were able to implement a solution that enabled them with a hybrid secure endpoint backup setup while saving storage costs.

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case story -Backup Strategy That Offered Robust Data Protection

Backup strategy that offered robust data protection

How one of India’s fastest-growing business groups achieved a robust data protection strategy with a comprehensive data backup solution from Parablu.

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Thumbnail - Banner - Elevating security and data privacy stance in the cloud with Parablul

Elevating security and data privacy stance in the cloud with Parablu

Learn how an Indian agribusiness company automated its endpoint backup processes and raised the bar for security and data privacy without spending a penny on backup storage.

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Case Story  - Automated data backup saved this customer time and ensured regulatory compliance

Automated data backup saved this customer time and ensured regulatory compliance

How an NBFC implemented a solution that helped us achieve a very high-efficiency automated backup process and ensured that their critical data is secure and available whenever required.

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Case Story  - Retail Industry

BeSpoke BaaS for all the data backup needs

Learn how a leading retail giant in India managed to leverage the advantages of both on-premise as well as SaaS based backups using Parablu’s hybrid “Bespoke BaaS” approach.

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The curious case of missing files – A BluVault case story

The customer is a leading Timeshare and Travel company across India. The customer was keen on ensuring smooth collaboration within their corporate teams. Although users were always advised to regularly back up their files, the IT team

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case story- good backup plan

A good backup plan – Helping a customer do just a little to get much more out of O365

The customer is a leading Indian Agribusiness company, with thousands of employees spread out across India. The client wanted one single repository into which they could backup all end-user data, and have it be accessed easily from anywhere in the world by their distributed teams…

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Case story- bluvault

Staying secure while cutting cost – A case story about BluVault

Leader in real estate and infrastructure development across India, had recently subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 and was keen to use their OneDrive for Business storage for backing up files…

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Case story- data protection of motor manufacturing companies

How Parablu helped a heavy vehicle manufacturing company surmount it's data protection woes

Recently, a engineering company faced challenges in increasingly frequent instances of loss of important / sensitive data from their disk drives and the lack of a centralized way to manage endpoint data realised them to have a data backup mechanism…

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