Senior Java Software Engineer
Experience: 4-6 Years
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Full Time

Experience: 4-6 Years

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Full Time

What the role is

The role reports to the Director of Engineering. You will design and develop various server and client components using Open Source technologies. The team follows a scrum process modified a bit to suit our needs and this role will preferably require experience with Scrum and ability to play the Scrum Master. The team will be a mix of Developers, UI/UX Design and QA. A great opportunity for someone to work on an entire cloud stack and build a great product.

What your Responsibilities will be

1. Work with our Director of Engineering to understand requirements.

2. Perform and document high level design.

3. Develop and unit test various server and client modules based on open source technologies like Java, Apache, Tomcat, MongoDB.

4. Fix defects as required.

What Really Matters to us

  • Good aptitude and an excellent attitude.
  • A very strong work ethic. We’re a team of hard workers who are driven to do “whatever it takes”.
  • Ability to work across different languages and platforms. We like people who always keep learning. Willingness to wear different hats – remember we’re a start up!
  • Ownership – A strong sense of accountability. We want you to take the product personally! A strong belief in the technology and its ability to make a difference.
  • Strong references.
  • Looking at this as a long term engagement – Don’t apply if you are looking for a short-term stint.

Our expectations

You have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science or Software. You will ideally be someone with at least 4-6 years of experience in the industry. You love to learn new technologies and constantly adapt. You are familiar with Agile / Scrum techniques. You will have strong verbal and written communication skills as well as a strong bias towards automating repeated tasks. You will most likely be from a product company or another start-up.

While we’re not hung up over any of the above requirements, the above are reasonably good guidelines for you to determine if you are going to be a good fit.

Mandatory Technical Skills

1. Java JDK development & J2EE development experience.

2. Experience with RESTful web services or Spring framework.

3. Experience using a development environment such as Eclipse.

4. Experience with tools like Maven, ANT, SVN, GitHub.

5. Data structures, Algorithms and Design Patterns.

What’s in it for you ?

The satisfaction of building cutting edge software for a new and emerging market, solving real problems and making a difference in people’s lives. You can also look forward a very open culture, a competitive salary, health insurance and equity in an early stage start-up. You will also get opportunity to attend seminars/conferences as well as interacting directly with customers. Most importantly you’ll learn a heck of a lot, have access to some pretty senior and awesome people in the industry and work with a really great team of like-minded product folks.

How do we work ?

With us, it is always “Customers first”: Technology is just a means to an end. Know it, but remember we’re exist to be successful as a business. Quality is paramount. We do not want code-monkeys who generate dozens of bugs when trying to make one code modification. We’re a fairly flat organization. You will be judged by what you contribute and we will be transparent with you. We’ll be honest: We’re a Work smart, Work long and work hard culture. We promise you that it’ll be an exciting ride and that you’ll learn a lot – but it won’t be easy!