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Make your Inbox Limitless

Extend your current mailbox size and make it practically unlimited

Securely Backup Your Exchange Online Data

Backing up your Exchange online data, be it individual email messages, folders, or mailboxes, we’ve got you covered. Don’t be stuck with a 50GB mailbox limit. Automate deletion of older emails without fear. BluVault creates a fully searchable, tamper-proof, immutable copy of all your email – which means you can find anything you need, anytime, anywhere!

Backup to your space in OneDrive for Business!

Get your Inbox to do more for you!

Worried about the storage investment you’ll need to make in order to keep a second copy of all that email? You don’t even need additional storage. Backup your Microsoft Exchange data effortlessly to the unused space in your OneDrive for Business subscription with total security and privacy. BluVault’s Full Text Search will let you find any email you need – not just based on “To, From: and Subject:”, but also for any words / phrases in the mail body or even in attachments!


BluVault Features

Automated Exchange Backup

BluVault enables automatically scheduled  backups that ensure that all exchange data is safely stored and easily recoverable. Granular restores enable you to get back even a single email and the complete mail exchange.

Limitless Mailbox

By using your OneDrive for Business subscription for the backups, BluVault ensures that your current Office 365 assets are used to their full potential. We eliminate the hassle and cost of purchasing additional storage.


BluVault’s full text search index support hundreds of file-formats. Search for emails based on Sender, Receiver and Subject. Or search for words and phrases in the email body or even attachments. You can even perform administrative, eDiscovery style searches across user mailboxes.

Parablu Advantage

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance by retaining emails for the required time periods, and produce reports to show audit teams evidence of compliance. Flexible policies allow you to configure retention and control how long older emails need to be preserved. You can also use the Legal Hold feature to extend retention indefinitely for specific users.

Defend against Malicious deletion

Having a scheduled backup run daily or multiple times a day means that you have an up-to-date copy of all user email in our searchable vault. Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

Simple and Easy Recovery

Search and restore emails with just a few mouse clicks. BluVault’s friendly web interface allows you to view emails in a familiar mailbox format where you can easily see Sender, Receiver, Subject and Date information – along with preview. Simply click and download what you need in a non-proprietary email format which can easily be absorbed by any email client. 

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