A unified solution that offers:

  • Secure Large File Transfer
  • Secure Collaboration on the Cloud
  • Secure File Services

A unified and secure EFSS solution for enterprises

Increasingly, organizations are tapping into cloud solutions that make collaboration between team members simple and secure. The need of the hour is future-ready technology that improves the speed of collaboration, boosts employee productivity, and supports a culture of agile innovation, while also upholding the privacy and integrity of the content being shared and stored.

BluSync is a Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution. It is a secure file synchronization software platform for teams to access, share, and collaborate in a fast and efficient way. With BluSync, team members can connect to their own content, shared content, or collaborate with co-workers while accessing the information they need securely.  BluSync maintains an auditable trail of activities that takes place in the cloud, helping organizations retain full and complete control and visibility into the way content collaboration and file sharing happens.

BluSync helps businesses connect people with processes and data in an easy and secure way.

Explore Parablu BluSync’s complete set of features and capabilities.

Different ways enterprises use BluSync™

BluSync - Share

Secure File Sharing

A secure way to share files inside or outside the organization using  secure, self-destructing URLs with password protection and IRM controls. Much more secure than email or public cloud file transfer services. Vastly more convenient than clunky on-premise SecureFTP servers.

BluSync - Collaborate

Secure Collaboration

Collaborate using using the concept of a Mini-Cloud, an insulated, shared folder space  which groups of users can access simultaneously. Highly secure collaboration among internal users or even between internal and external end-users. Endpoint agent for automatic file synchronization.

BluSync - Service

Secure File Services

Replace on-premise file servers by migrating data to the cloud. Set up your users with cloud-based file services. Users can access their data securely, while also being able to collaborate with each other – as well as externally.

Do you have Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

Enable secure file sync, share and content collaboration using OneDrive for Business storage.

The Parablu Advantage

End-to-End Encryption

Your data is encrypted all the time – both in transit and at rest. All data in transit always travels over secure channels and is encrypted at rest using industrial strength AES-256 encryption. And you control the encryption keys – not Parablu, not the cloud-vendor – only your organization. You can even use cloud storage services to act as your data sharing repository – knowing full well that your data is encrypted using keys you control, that it is secure, and private.

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Parablu’s BluSync is built on the tenet of Zero-Knowledge Privacy which is designed to ensure that your data can be accessed by you and no one else – not the cloud vendor, not Parablu, not a regulatory authority, or a foreign government. Only you.

Serious Security

We take security very seriously. BluSync is designed to work on the principle of Zero Trust. It integrates with Identity Management solutions like Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Okta. You can easily enable our multi-factor authentication, brute force password protection and anti-malware scanning as required.

Zero Storage Cost

Parablu’s patented integration with individual user storage allocations like OneDrive for Business and Google Drive means that you do not have to spend additional on storage costs. This could mean as much as 70% savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when using BluSync as compared with any other solution.

Overcome Cloud Storage Restrictions

BluSync overcomes, among other things, limitations around filenames, file sizes, path lengths, and special characters that come with many cloud storage services.

BluKrypt™ Assurance

Parablu BluSync is powered by BluKrypt™, our proprietary, privacy enhancement technology that creates a secure storage container in which all data is stored safely – shredded, encrypted, and versioned, while still being shareable and searchable.

An overview of Parablu BluSync™ capabilities

Large File Transfer

Standard Features

Secure Collaboration

All Secure Large File Transfer Capabilities

Secure File Services

All Secure Collboration Capabilities

  • Web-based portal to access files and folders
  • Policy-Based management for file/folder inclusions and exclusions, file type selection, and file sizes
  • Password and MFA protected file sharing
  • Auto self destruct after validity period
  • Unsharing of the shared file link anytime
  • Read/View only access or download restrictions
  • Restrict file share to specific domains
  • Active Directory and Azure Active Directory integrated authentication and user provisioning.
  • Single Sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication and Brute force password protection
  • Built-in reporting and audit logs
  • End-to-End encryption of data during transit and at rest
  • Zero Knowledge Privacy – The customer always controls and can change encyrption keys at will
  • *Automatic malware scanning on upload – can be optionally included as an add-on license
  • *Full text search – can be optionally included as an add-on license
  • *Parablu EFSS agent can be optionally included as an add-on license
  • Collaborate using shared folders – Mini-Clouds
  • Delegate and assign mini-clouds administative access to end-users
  • Allows collaboration with internal and external end-users
  • Includes support for full text search through content indexing
  • *Automatic malware scanning on upload – can be optionally included as an add-on license
  • *Parablu EFSS agent can be optionally included as an add-on license
  • Flexible retention with file versioning
  • Includes the Parablu EFSS agent
  • Includes automatic malware scanning
  • *On-premise to cloud file server migration – available as a service

BluSync™ Customer Success Stories

BluSync - Electric Manufacturer

How a leader in electrical parts manufacturing used Parablu’s BluSync to improve employee productivity and streamlined operations workflow.

BluSync -IT Service Company

Learn how a world leader in IT services, with close to 150,000 employees deployed a data management solution which was sensitive to the security needs in the public cloud with Parablu’s solution.

BluSync - Organization

Learn how a large enterprise maximized it’s return from their public cloud with Parablu’s solution.

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