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Secure and Fast Large File Transfer solution

Secure Large File Transfer Made Easy and Fast

Secure Large File Transfer - Architecture

More and more organizations are moving away from email attachments and tools like ftp, in favor of more secure file transfer solutions, especially for large files.

BluDrive gives an organization the ability to transfer large files, or files of any size for that matter, to people within its ecosystem as well as outside of it, in a safe and controlled manner.

BluDrive works by protecting the file meant for transfer in a secure cloud container without compromising the integrity or confidentiality of the content. A file or folder can be accessed, edited and sent back via the same secure ecosystem, protected every step of the way.

Secure File Sharing

Share files securely, even with external users.  Highly secure sharing options let you control allowed users, file types, file sizes, and how recipients consume shared content.  All actions are fully audited.

Secure Storage container

Leverages BluKrypt™, Parablu’s secure container, making BluDrive unmatched in terms of security, privacy and control no matter how it is deployed – whether in the public cloud or in a hybrid model.

Any Cloud

BluDrive is storage and cloud agnostic.  It works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer etc.  It works with On-premise disk arrays as well.

BluDrive Features

Secure Large File Transfer - Policy-based Management

Policy-Based Management

BluDrive supports policy-based management of important enterprise parameters such as file/folder inclusions and exclusions, file type selection, and file sizes.

Secure Large File Transfer - SSO

Single Sign-on Functionality

SSO eliminates password reset phone calls, protects against unauthorized access, and integrates with your enterprise’s Active Directory.

Secure Large File Transfer - File Version and Retention

File Versions & Flexible Retention Policies

BluDrive allows the IT administrator the option to maintain multiple versions of a file and control aging/retention of each version based on policy.

Secure Large File Transfer - Deduplication & Compression

Deduplication & Compression

Smart sub-file level deduplication combined with data compression saves network bandwidth and valuable storage space.


“Parablu fills a critical need for secure data backup and availability in today’s cloud landscape. We needed a cost-effective and secure data management solution that could scale up without compromising performance and usability. Parablu was able to give us such a solution.”

Raja UkilChief Information Officer, Wipro Limited.

BluDrive Benefits

Secure Large File Transfer - Secure Large File Transfer

Secure Large File Transfer

Minimize risk of data misuse and transfer files to collaborators within and outside an organization safely by generating a secure file sharing link via BluDrive.
Secure Large File Transfer - Overcome cloud storage restrictions

Overcome Cloud Storage Restrictions

BluDrive overcomes several limitations that file storage services in the cloud tend to impose, including limitations on filenames, path lengths, and special characters.

Secure Large File Transfer - Agent-less web browser interface

Agent-Less Web Browser Interface

BluDrive can be used without installing any software on your endpoints. Folders and files, including large files, can be securely transferred using the intuitive web browser interface.

Additional Features

Secure Large File Transfer - Support for multiple cloud destinations

Support for multiple cloud destinations

Secure Large File Transfer - Auto self destruct feature

Auto self destruct feature

Secure Large File Transfer - Scales across geographies
Scales across geographies
Secure Large File Transfer - Content indexing and full text search

Content indexing and full text search

Secure Large File Transfer - Built-in redundancy

Built-in redundancy

Secure Large File Transfer - Password protection
Password protection
Secure Large File Transfer - Any Cloud

Any Cloud

Secure Large File Transfer - No storage restrictions
No storage restrictions
Secure Large File Transfer - Read-only access

Read-only access

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