A good backup plan – Helping a customer do just a little to get much more out of O365

At Parablu, we strongly believe in the thesis that the best way for us to get better each day is by speaking with our customers on a regular basis. This post is one in a series of multiple conversations we’ve done of this kind.

BluVault is a product we built a few years ago with the goal of making a real difference for customers using data management solutions. An enterprise-class solution, that holds customer privacy paramount, with unbeatable TCO, and backed by world-class support. BluVault is a cloud agnostic solution that keeps end-user data secure in the cloud and at all points in the data’s journey between the enterprise network and the cloud storage target. In a climate where regulation is only becoming more demanding, we have businesses who approach us with questions about keeping their data secure, especially in the cloud.

Here’s an instance of a customer who has been using Parablu’s BluVault for over a year now.

Customer description

A leading Indian Agribusiness company, with thousands of employees, spread out across India.

The Challenge

The client wanted one single repository into which they could backup all end-user data, and have it be accessed easily from anywhere in the world by their distributed teams. This is due to the fact that more than 70% of their users are sales folks, who are in the field most of the time. The customer was open to ‘BYOD’ and as a result, many sales employees used their personal devices, making data management complicated for the IT team. Accessing business critical data became difficult for end users while on the road. There were many instances where data was lost due to device theft and restoring data to a new device was a tedious task resulting in loss of productivity and time. The customer also did not have a backup and recovery solution for regional offices, which made hard disk crashes or any mechanical errors a very costly affair.

The customer was also looking for a SaaS solution and did not want to continue using their own on-premise infrastructure. They had realized that maintaining infra was costly in terms of time and human resources.

Previously the customer was using a completely on-premise DLO (Desktop-Laptop Option) solution from a well-known vendor in the industry. But it could not support two critical requirements for the customer – BYOD and SaaS. The customer reportedly, also faced a number of issues because the DLO solution failed to alert the IT administrators adequately when things went wrong, which eventually resulted in data loss scenarios. The customer needed to receive regular notification of healthy backup processes, and also be able to access backup reports with a single click – which in our opinion, is a fairly standard requirement for any backup solution.

  • Easy automated backup of all the endpoints
  • Support BYOD
  • Easy access to data anytime from anywhere for the mobile workforce
  • A solution that can scale along with their growing data
  • Minimal maintenance of infrastructure
  • Adequate reports and alerts to monitor the backup process
  • Easy restores

What customer says

We liked Parablu’s comprehensive nature to backup endpoint data on OneDrive for Business. By protecting our Endpoint data and providing us with reports that give us details on each backup, Parablu gives us confidence and peace of mind.

Reason for choosing us

The customer heard of Parablu’s solution by a word of mouth and they asked for a trial. The initial POC convinced the client that this was clearly the product they wanted to go with.

The Parablu Fix

Parablu was able to offer the customer a fully managed/hosted solution, which was accessible from anywhere in the country by any of the customer’s employees. We were further able to help them leverage their Office 365 subscription and utilized their OneDrive for Business storage as a central cloud backup target. This saved the customer significantly on storage costs. Our policy-based, centralized management console, combined with our reliable alerting module and audit logs met all of the customer’s requirements. Our state of the art, industrial strength encryption, combined with strict segregation of duties helps to keep the customer’s data completely safe in the cloud.
Why Parablu
  • A fully managed/hosted solution
  • Leverage existing OneDrive for Business storage for Backup, saving the customer on TCO
  • Accomplish self-service restores
  • Centralized management console to monitor the backup process
  • Timely alerts and easy access to reports
  • Timely support response
Solution Highlight
Parablu’s unique ability to multiplex backup data streaming from several thousand endpoints into a single OneDrive for Business storage bucket helped deliver significant cost savings to the customer.